MED 3 spray

To enable simple dosing of Vitamin D3 for our “little sunshines”, we develop a tailored formula for babies and children. Food supplement in form of oral spray contains Vitamin D3 of natural origin, identical to the one synthesized by our skin. Vitamin D3 contributes to the optimal development of healthy teeth and bones. It also plays an important role in functioning of immune system. Spray, with excellent strawberry flavor, will quickly become your kids` favorite.

MED 3 sprayMED 3 spray contains 400 UI of Vitamin D3 in one spray.
Spray is sweetened with xylitol, which can be found in sugar free chewing gums and contributes to teeth mineralization.
Doesn’t contain gelatin or gluten. Product is not tested on animals and is appropriate for vegetarians.
Packaging: 25ml (for 120 days)

Dosing and instructions for use

1 spry contains 400 IU of Vitamin D3 (200% RDA*)
*RDA – Recommended Daily Allowance
Packaging: 25 ml
Instructions for use: We recommend taking 1 spray per day. In this case the product will last for 120 days. In case of increased needs and upon pediatricians advice, your child can consume 2 sprays daily, You can spray directly into children`s mouth, on spoon or add it to drink or food.
Product is also appropriate for adults, who can consume 1 to 3 sprays daily.

Role of Vitamin D in children

Vitamin D is actually a hormone, since it is synthesized in our bodies when we are exposed to sun. It is extremely important for normal and healthy development of bones and teeth, functioning of muscles, strong immune system and health overall. Because of modern way of life and diet we normally don’t have adequate amount of vitamin D in our bodies. Experts agree, that vitamin D deficiency doesn’t happen just in winter period, when we are less exposed to the sun, but also in summer, since we are avoiding sun exposure, because of strong sun`s UV radiation.
Supplementing Vitamin D is extremely important in childhood, since bone structure is still developing. Because Vitamin D in mother`s milk doesn’t cover baby’s needs, supplementing is required.
It is proven, that daily supplementation of vitamin D protects babies against rickets. So supplementing 10 µg of Vitamin D (400 IU) is recommended, independently of season. Vitamin D can also be supplemented, even if baby consumes nutrition enriched with vitamin D.
Children, who had adequate levels of vitamin D in bodies as babies, very rarely develop rickets. Supplementing vitamin D in (older) children is also needed, as it has long term (positive) effect on bone health. In times of low sun exposure, supplementation of vitamin D is even more important.
The newest research has connected low levels of vitamin D with several serious diseases. Researchers have find out that Vitamin D doesn’t affect only bone and teeth health, but also plays a crucial role in cell replication. So vitamin D is extremely important for normal functioning of muscles and immune system.

Why is MED 3 spray baby superior?

  • Natural form of D3, identical to the one synthesized by our skin.
  • Spray ensures excellent oral absorption.
  • reat strawberry taste, tailored to children.
  • No ingredients of animal origin – also suitable for vegetarians.
  • Sweetened with xylitol.
  • Handy packaging, suitable for every bag.
  • Easy application and dosing.
  • Highest standards of production.
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