Field of Action

Starmel pharmaceuticals is already practicing on the promotion of products for the treatment of ailments of the central nervous system.

Since 2015 Starmel pharmaceuticals has launched the promotion of products for pediatric, cardiologic, otolaryngologic, pathologic and dental ailments.

Moreover, Starmel pharmaceuticals has launched nutrition supplements as well as products that boost the strained organism to the Greek market. It has launched products for the boost of the immune system of both adults and children, which comprise world prototype trademarks and global successes.

In the end of the first trimester of 2017, Starmel pharmaceuticals got into the logistic market creating new, state-of-the-art and ecologically functioning facilities.

New Fields of Action

Since the first trimester of 2018 Starmel pharmaceuticals, is taking up the promotion of products from other companies with the help of its thoroughly trained sales department. The marketing department of our company is offering its services to the collaborating pharmaceutical companies and together with the digital marketing department they are spearheading towards the successes of the oncoming five years.

In collaboration with globally renowned research labs, Starmel pharmaceuticals is creating new prototype formulas both for the greek market and the global one, making good use of the newly-founded export department of the company.

Also, Starmel pharmaceuticals is creating and also disposing/ providing formulas for sale or promotion to a “third party” i.e. collaborating companies.

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